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Licensed Gut-Brain Therapists Available for Patient Referrals

GI OnDEMAND & GI Psychology Partnership provides nationwide access to evidence-based gut-brain treatments by licensed behavioral health experts

Patient Testimonials

“(My therapist) was excellent in helping me improve my IBS through hypnotherapy and educating me on techniques to continue improving my overall health through the power of my mind. It really works!"

“I am doing my homework every week, and gaining confidence that with her help, there is a path out of my gastro issues.”

“We were at the point of removing his colon until our 2nd opinion from Hopkins suggested we explore the brain/gut connection. His therapy has been an absolute game changer.”

Why GI Psychology?

  • Offer empirically validated treatments, consistent with treatment guidelines offered by the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) and the ROME Foundation.

  • Designated as preferred providers on GI OnDEMAND

  • Featured in The Atlantic and The Washington Post as subject matter experts in treatments for Disorders of the Gut-Brain Interaction (DGBIs).

  • Demonstrated success of 83%+ positive outcomes.

  • Reputation for collaborative, seamless partnerships with: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital; Princeton Medical Center; Penn Medicine System


Learn more about GI Psychology:

Customized Services for ACG Members and Their Patients

The mission of GI Psychology is to increase access to Gut-Brain therapies for patients with DGBIs. 

  • WHO WE ARE: Expertly trained behavioral health clinicians focused on supporting gastroenterology practices.

  • WHAT WE DO: We treat DGBIs (functional GI disorders) as well as support patients with IBD, pain, and mental health conditions. 

  • WHERE WE DO IT: Sessions are via telehealth and patients can be seen in every  state.

  • HOW WE DO IT: We are in line with ACG guidelines and utilize empirically validated Gut-Brain treatments such as CBT and Clinical Hypnosis. 

  • COST: $240 per session and the average treatment length is 10 sessions. Groups are $100 for each 75-minute session. 

    • We are out of network and offer support for submitting for insurance reimbursement.  
    • Patients can apply for a Gap Exception/Single Case Agreement through their insurance company, which provides in-network coverage reimbursement. 
  • REFER:
    • Providers can initiate a Warm Handoff and our staff will follow up with the patient, which improves follow through.

    • Patients go to or they can call 703-910-2577 for a free phone consultation.